Tips for creating an engaging benefits website!

Tips for creating an engaging benefits website!

So, you’re thinking of creating a benefits website for your members, there are some very (probably extremely) fundamental areas you should address before you even start to speak with your IT department or consultants and these are...


What’s a CTA? Well, it’s a common marketing term for Calls To Action.  Start off by asking yourself "What are my users trying to achieve by visiting this website?".  In the benefits world, there are several reasons a user might be on a website, for example:

  • To find out information (usually prompted by a communication from HR)
  • For a specific need (such as a PMI contact number so they can arrange some physio sessions)

Now we know what our audience is after, we need to signpost them to the right location...

For more info - "Click here to view our latest changes to the pension scheme"

For a specific need - "Visit our FAQ"

So when it comes to CTA’s, they need to be bright, clear and easy to find - sounds obvious right? Well you'd be surprised by how many organisations get this wrong!


"Watch our pension video"



So once we’ve got our goals for the website and our CTA's leading the way, we need analytics in order to improve and report back.  

Take a scenario - You want to reduce wasted time spent by HR on things like answering emails around accessing pension fund information, so you create a snazzy (hopefully) new website with a clear CTA directing those users to the necessary information. 

Question is - is it working?

  • Who is clicking on the buttons?
  • How many unique page views does it receive?
  • Where do users go after viewing that page?
  • How long do they view the page for?

If we don’t know these metrics, then how can we ever

a) Report back on how useful our new website is for users.

b) If it isn’t working, we at least know it and can make improvements.

CTA & Analytics.png

Those are 2 fundamental areas which need to be addressed when looking to introduce a new benefits website, the list goes on and on.  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

By Dan Mills - Creative Director

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