Why you should layer your benefits comms!

Pensions jargon out - Layering in

Time and time again, we see employer led communications to members littered in “techy jargon”. 

Now, unfortunately, the comms usually come down from someone who knows an awful lot about pensions and as such, feels the need to include every minor detail into the broadcast, however, they are running the gauntlet of losing the users interest.  

Take a technical issue such as pension allowances, or auto-enrolment (don’t get us started on those AE comms) - these issues can be made incredibly complex with such detail that even the pensions minister would have to applaud you, but we would suggest a different approach to your comms….


Let us explain…..Firstly, in order to send technical information, you need to layer up the complexity so that at the very top level the message is simple and clear!

We would suggest 3 different levels of information - 

Top Level - for everyone, right from the most knowledgable on the subject to the complete newbie, they all must understand, keep this level light on the technicalities

Mid Level - for info gatherers, this level is for those who want further info or are intrigued by the top level, you are free to go into more depth in this level

Bottom Level - for the action takers, if someone has got this far, it’s for a reason, they want to action something, so give all info in the top levels and save this for final checks, such as a tick box that the user understands, signposts to useful websites/links/docs

Pension Comms Layering_2.png

By adopting this levelling approach, you are far more likely to penetrate through to your audience.  Yes some people might not get past the top level, but at least they know the topic or general theme of the communication, and ask yourselves "would they have fully read, understood and actioned all the information if it was all batched together in one lengthy broadcast?"


By Dan Mills - Creative Director

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