Pension Branding

Case Study

Client Profile:

  • 3 separate organisations

  • Financial Industry

  • 35,000 members

  • DC & DB schemes

The Challenge:

A recent company acquisition prompted a review of how the companies communicate their corporate pension scheme.  Aligning the pension and benefits teams across the companies meant that having 3 different corporate brands felt like duplication of work and as such, they were keen to streamline.  

The brief was to figure out a way to merge their internal pension brands so that they can deploy a uniform look across the organisation. 

What we do:

Due to the nature of the merger, we wanted to create a unique brand that stood outside of the current corporate styles.  We wanted it to be instantly recognisable and appeal to the emotions of the members.

Firstly, we wanted to create a name for the pension, something which was relatable and made members feel like they had ownership of their pension and retirement, as well as feeling empowered to make decisions about their financial future.

We produced four names and conducted focus groups to see which one felt best placed with members. The winner by a clear margin was “MyPension”. One member said “it did exactly what it says on the tin”.

We then developed the various elements of the brand such as logo, colour scheme and tone of voice, all staying true to our key message of membership ownership.

We provided the client with a branded suite of both digital and print assets, which allowed them to keep a consistent look and feel across any form of communications they might like to send.  

Branding is a vital and often overlooked element of pensions & benefits. We managed to create a brand that was strong enough to stand on it’s own while holding ties to the three organisations
— Dan Mills, Creative Director

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