Content Creation

Case Study

Content Types:

  • Emails

  • Brochures

  • Letters

  • Benefit statements

  • Websites

  • Blogs/articles

The Challenge:

Creating simple, engaging and creative content is a challenge that a lot of our client’s face.  Some of the specific challenges we hear are around; thinking of new ideas, lack of time, writer’s block, setting tone of voice or having the skills to understand and simplify complex financial information.

What we do:

We create fresh new content to engage your employees in their pension and benefits.  Our vast experience in turning complex financial topics into simple key messages gives your employees information that’s easy to understand and digest.  

We work with our clients to segment your employees to ensure content is targeted, relevant and in your prescribed tone of voice.  By injecting our technical knowledge from the outset means you spend less time on revisions.

The style of language used is very important when communicating to employees about financial topics.  We strive to make your employees feel secure, informed and empowered after reading and engaging with the content we have written.

Pensions are complicated enough, and we often see many pensions communications are written by pensions professionals, for pensions professionals. We don’t believe in jargon and having to sift through reams of information to get to the bottom line. Our whole
ethos is based on ‘engaging through simplicity’!
— Michelle Williamson, Marketing Manager

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