Financial Wellbeing Tools

Case Study

Company profile: 

  • Top Educational Institution

  • 10,000+ employees

  • 1 location

  • Age 18 - 55

The Challenge:

Attending a seminar and asking questions only reveals a part of the picture, you need to take that information and make it specific to your individual situation. In order to get a full idea of how your financial health looks, you need to do some work - this is where our modelling tools come in.

What we did:

We have a range of financial tools which are designed to help your employees when managing their personal finances.

  • Financial Health Check - guides your employees through a short set of questions to give them a financial health score, with a traffic light system to show them which areas of their finances need the most attention and how they can take action to improve their score.    

  • Budget Calculator - an easy to use online tool which helps your employees with money management on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Life Cover Calculator - designed to show your employees how much life cover they need, as many people have no or not enough life cover to take care of their family if the worst were to happen.

  • Mortgage Calculator - shows how much your employees could borrow and what a mortgage could cost them, based on their personal circumstances.

We regularly use these tools on our financial wellbeing portals as part of our overall financial wellbeing offering.

It is good to give employees the ability to use online tools to investigate their personal financial situation in their own time. It allows them the opportunity to digest the information and think about the course of action they want to take.
— Matthew Keane, Financial Adviser

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