Focus Groups

Case Study

Client Profile:

  • FTSE 100

  • Various UK locations

  • 60,000+ employees

  • Ages 18+

The Challenge:

Our client wanted to better understand their ‘at retirement’ population and how they wanted to access information about their most valuable benefit, their pension.

In particular they wanted to make sure their new pension website design and proposed tools met employees needs and would help improve engagement with the scheme.

They also wanted to gain further insight to help build a plan that is fit for the future.

What we did:

We ran focus groups across four locations to gain feedback on our proposed plans for the new pension website to the people that matter most, our clients’ employees.

Our skilled team facilitated the focus groups and went through the proposed website and tools asking questions to each participant to gain valuable insight.

90% of employees agreed that introducing the new website and tools, which were designed and developed by Lemonade, would greatly improve their understanding of their options.  They also said it would give them the confidence to make informed choices for and approaching retirement. 

We also delved into other things that employees would find useful in the near and distant future such as 1 – 1 pension advice, pension app and personal nudges.  This allowed us to give our client a tailored recommendation on a plan for the future.

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Some employee quotes about their new pension website….

“It looks more user-friendly and thus more likely to be used”

“The new website is worlds apart. Great new site”

“This will help me feel more in touch and control”