GMP Equalisation

Case Study

Client Profile:

  • Financial Industry

  • 35,000 members

  • 3 DB schemes

The Challenge:

GMP equalisation is complex and is a topic that even an experienced pension professional will find challenging. We were tasked with explaining this topic to the members.

What we do:

With communicating complex subjects we find that less is more, and layering the information with clear routes to more detailed content meets all members’ levels of knowledge.

Level 1

Here we focussed our key message on what members need to know and what they need to do.

Need to know...

✓A recent court ruling requires DB schemes to equalise certain benefits accrued between May 1990 and April 1997.

✓This may or may not affect your benefits.

✓Even if you subsequently take your benefits out of the scheme before the increase is applied, it will still be passed on to you.


✓If you are affected your benefits will be increased automatically, you do not need to take any action.

Level 2

For those who want to know a little more, we provided them with further information - this was delivered via an animated video.

Level 3

This was our final level and as this communication is simply to inform, the calls to action were directed to a technical guide.

As with any pension change, it is important to get the tone of voice correct and take the “sting” out of the message
— Dan Mills, Creative Director

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