Meet the team

Although Lemonade was formed in 2013, the partners have been working together in the world of pensions and employee benefits for over 18 years.

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David Pugh

Managing Partner
As Managing Partner of Lemonade, David’s role is to manage key relationships and develop new strategies.

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Dan Mills

Creative Director
Dan has been in the financial industry for 10 years, helping companies develop ideas to ensure their audience understands financial matters. From traditional communications to cutting edge web portals, the message remains the same - engage through simplicity.

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Garin Squires

Compliance Director
Garin is a Chartered Financial Planner and is responsible for our advice process, systems and controls. With such an in-depth knowledge of pensions, Garin works closely with Dan to concept initial ideas and the key messages which need to resonate with the audience.

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Richard Hoare

Senior Financial Adviser
Richard is a qualified adviser but his primary role as head of IT is to ensure we make the best use of technology to get the right message to your employees.

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Steve Clarke

Head of Client Experience
Steve is our senior adviser specialising in retirement planning. Steve’s particular skill is putting employees in control of their biggest decisions.