Pension Allowances

Case Study

Company profile: 

  • Financial Services

  • High Earners

  • 3 locations

  • 10,000+ employees

 The Challenge:

Our client identified a population of their workforce that would be affected by the Pension Annual & Lifetime Allowance rules.  These employees were potentially facing a hefty tax bill if no action was taken.

What we did:

We were brought on board to help our client’s higher earners with these changing annual and lifetime allowances. 

The strategy was a mix of targeted digital communications, coupled with financial adviser seminars/face-to-face meetings.

As part of the project we:

  • Created a bespoke branded online portal

  • Communicated to members using a traffic light system

  • Ran employee presentations

  • Created animated videos to explain the allowance changes

Our client completed an assessment of their workforce to see who was potentially impacted.  We then split the workforce into three categories and sent relevant targeted communications to encourage them to use the online portal.  


As a result, we had 1,752 annual allowance calculations and 586 lifetime allowance calculations made on the online portal. 

A total of 108 carry forward calculations were then made by our advisers to ensure maximum tax savings for our client’s high earners.

This project resulted in a combined total tax saving for employees of over £1,500,000.

Our segmented communications strategy ensured we captured maximum levels of engagement, resulting in tax savings for our client’s high earners.
— Dan Mills, Creative Director

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