Pension Statements

Case Study

Client Profile:

  • FTSE 100

  • Various UK locations

  • 60,000+ employees

  • Ages 18+

The Challenge:

Most pension statements overwhelm members with complex information, leaving them confused and more likely to disregard future communications. Creating pension statements is time-consuming, and finding an agency to manage your statements that have pensions knowledge, as well as creativity, can be tricky.

What we did:

We believe that pensions have been shrouded in mystery and complexity for far too long. As with all our communications, we know simple, easy to digest information displayed in an engaging way is the key to building pension knowledge.

Data management
We securely manage your data in order to segment your members, allowing us to send tailored communications to maximise engagement.

Design and copywriting
We work with you and your pension administrator to gather all information, extract the important bits and package it up in a way that all members can understand and learn from. Our creative team get to work to design glossy brochures and/or interactive PDF’s tailored to brand guidelines.

We measure the data and create actionable insights to improve future communications to meet pension goals. For example; guiding members to online platforms, increasing knowledge, reducing print costs and much more.

Pension statements are key to improving engagement with your employees. Get it wrong and it can effect your whole communications plan.
— David Pugh, Managing Partner

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